SS Institute of Professional Education


“Educate our people, so that they may be able to solve their own problems. Until that is done, all these ideal reforms will remain ideals only”

At S.S Institute Of professional Education we believe that“Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference” . Thus, our vision lies in bringing people together removing preconceptions arising due to casteism and communalism and to spread love and harmony by building virtuous and intellectual characters in young minds of India ultimately assuring growth of our country.

We believe Better individuals make better societies, better societies make better nations and better nation make better world. Therefore, we follow principles of Swami Vivekananda and believe thatThe education is not only confined to the well-to-do persons but also to the poor peopleand therefore, by providing economical education we encourage mass-education. We know that upliftment of masses is possible only through education consequently we solely aims at providing quality education along with moral values to masses to uplift society. Thus, our faculty are not just teachers but are awakeners that inculcates the perfect blend of scientific, social as well as moral teachings in our students so that they could contribute in society and make a difference.

We offer courses that aims at maximizing the students employment potential as we try our level best to make our students exposed to latest technology prevailing for staying up to date. Thus, our ultimate aim is to create leaders of tomorrow that are instilled with all the required skills to face the challenging environment along with the moral values in them such that world could grow into a better place.

We provide our students the hands-on experience in working of small as well as large organization to make them aware of the practical environment. We at S.S Institute transforms talents  into success stories just like a caterpillar transforms into beautiful butterfly. We wish to make the sky your destiny and S.S Institute as your catapult which would throw you up the high to reach the sky.

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