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Bitcoin Casinos in India

Such is the demand for crypto now, that we felt obligated to set you up with a player’s guide to bitcoin casinos. Since the turn of the year, the whole entire cryptocurrency market has been pumping, it has had its bull runs, its dip, but it has been the most successful year, thus far, for those that have made the wise investments into the crypto market.

Now crypto is no new thing when it comes to casinos, in fact, it was the casino industry that was the first to float BTC payment within a number of online casino platforms and it was a success. By 2017 there were a number of Bitcoin online casinos and now, they are making their way into the Indian market.

This is a simple BTC casino guide that will discuss the main changing points of service found within a blockchain casino.

If you want your bitcoin casino bonus, you’ll have access to that, and if you want the best Bitcoin casino games, then just how different are they going to be. This is the perfect guide to get you started and if you have any hesitancy, then do not worry, playing with bitcoin really is no different than playing with rupees. So why the change and why the guide for it?

Well, crypto is actually the future currency of online payment, perhaps beyond that. Services are changing and this guide will keep you a step ahead. Crypto is the safest currency created and the fastest and now is the time to act because those bitcoins aren’t getting cheaper to buy.

Gambling online with BTC

When it comes to online gambling, there really is no huge difference in the services of a bitcoin casino and that which takes rupee currency. The payment is all that changes and there is more for a player to do in getting the crypto in the first place, than playing with it after.

A lot of players do and will feel some apprehension, and this is mainly due to the fact that the bitcoin got some really bad and unjust press coverage, mocking it when it dipped and saying nothing when it boomed. Even at the point where the richest man in the world, Elon Musk buys 1.5 billion’s worth of bitcoin, the world didn’t switch on and think, shouldn’t we be doing the same? A month later, Elon Musk doubled the value of his bitcoin because of its successful bull run during February and early March.

If this is all new to you, bitcoin is currently more valuable than gold. It’s thought that in 10 years a single bitcoin could be worth a million dollars, which is the equivalent to 74 million rupees.

Now, there is a quicker way of getting rich if 10 years is too long and that is to play Bitcoin casino games. The casino games found within Bitcoin online casinos are the same as rupee games. The BTC casino platforms are no different, you get the same level of service and the same features.

The payment system only adjusts from rupees to bitcoin, that is it. New players will sign up, get their bitcoin casino bonus. They can play on the BTC slot machines, experience live dealer games, and some blockchain sites even support sports betting, so if you love your cricket, you have the option to bet on IPL cricket and possibly watch live matches streamed in real-time.

Now, you can stick with rupee casinos and that is fine, but the real drive in crypto casinos will come in years down the line when the differences in service will change. Bitcoin and traditional currency will be at war with each other as so too the businesses using the two methods of payment. Crypto casinos will lead players into a world of virtual gaming a lot faster than the regular casinos on the Indian market.

Casinos accepting Cryptos

Back in 2015, casinos were aware that crypto had a part to play, and if any industry was going to be right about it, it was going to be casinos because they base everything in their industry on finance. Back then, bitcoin was still not adopted by the masses and additional crypto coins like ripple, litecoin, and ethereum were unknown to many, yet casinos online were openly welcoming these cryptos as forms of payment.

However, it wasn’t all perfect back them for the player.

Because the whole crypto process was brand-new, there was some concern from the casino. Players could deposit their bitcoins, but these would be converted into rupee or dollars, depending on the casino, and players would play with this money and win it in return. This meant the player would have to take their winnings to re-buy bitcoins, the issue being that the value of the coin may have risen, making a loss to spend the bitcoin in the first place. The only advantage would be if the market dipped, and bitcoin was cheaper.

When looking online for the top Bitcoin casinos in India to join, you will notice there are really two forms of BTC casino, those like mentioned above, where they are only really able to take the BTC payment and convert it into rupees. The other kinds are 100% bitcoin casino services. These real Bitcoin online casinos allow you to spend the coin, play with the coin and win the crypto coin back. Now, these blockchain sites only appeared in 2017, and there is still only a few on the market, for now. There is going to be a boom in blockchain casino platforms over the coming years, as they incorporate more alternative coins like Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, and perhaps some crypto tokens.

Best BTC casino

If you are interested in the use of bitcoin in casinos in India, then you might be wondering how you can tell which are the top bitcoin casinos out there to join? Well, searching for the best casino online bit it bitcoin or rupee is no different.

First, you have to make sure the bitcoin casino is licensed and the licensing official do not change from the regular casinos. So, the casino needs to be licensed either by the Malta Gaming Authority or by the UK Gambling Commission, those two are the most popular within the Indian market.

Next, you want to make sure that they are able to support your bitcoin service both as a deposit and withdrawal.

Then look at the Bitcoin casino games, does the casino match your expectations of what you hope to play, do you have the best collection of BTC slot machines? If you are looking for sports betting, can it be provided? Make sure that the Bitcoin Casinos in India surpass your expectations, otherwise you may not know of a better site elsewhere, when you decided to just go with your first choice out of the blockchain sites available.

Then it comes to the finer details when looking at which casino to join. There are casinos like that offers player tournaments, high-roller members club, and they even have a live RTP data service. Now this RTP info has never been seen before inside other casinos online. The RTP informs players which are the hottest games to be playing and pumping out money.

Then you have casinos like bitstarz that are offering their members a chance to win brand-new Tesla cars. This tells you about the level there are between bitcoin casino and regular rupee sites, where cars are not on any rewards or prize list.

The best one will tick all the boxes that you have an interest in, don’t worry about who the other 100,000 players signed up with. Plus, you can join as many Bitcoin casinos in India as you like if you want to play it safe.

BTC Casinos in India

There are only three crypto casinos on the Indian market right now, with about 50 regular rupees casinos to pick from. So, with so many casinos online that are available, which are those that are bitcoin casinos?

Well, the best place to look for confirmation is with the casino’s banking page, there you must look to see if the casino is able to accept BTC deposits as a payment, but more importantly, that they can also provide it as a withdrawal option.

If a site is listed as a bitcoin casino, then you may also notice BTC being marked on the welcome bonus which is usually plastered over the casino’s homepage.

Should you not be sure at this point in finding the best bitcoin casino in India, then you can always turn to a comparison site that will guide you to the top platforms. There are easy ways of getting there and playing with Bitcoin at a casino site in India is equally as easy once you are set up.

How to use Bitcoin

Playing with your Bitcoin at a casino site in India is the easy part, getting the bitcoin is the more laborious part, but needs must.

To play inside the bitcoin casinos, you need bitcoin. So, first, you must join a crypto broker site or app to be able to buy your crypto from. The price of a crypto will fluctuate, but as of April’s market price, it is now worth about 4,000,000 rupees for just the one bitcoin. You don’t have to pay for one whole bitcoin, you can buy smaller fractions of it.

Once you have your bitcoin tied up, you will need to place the money into a crypto wallet. It is this wallet that you will sync with the crypto casinos to transfer funds between.

Sign up to one or more of the Bitcoin casinos in India and in the banking, enter your crypto wallet address which can easily be copied and pasted.

With your bitcoin wallet now tied with the bitcoin casino, you can now make instant BTC deposits and begin playing. You can claim any welcome bonus and should you win whilst being inside the best bitcoin casino in India, then all bitcoin withdrawals take seconds to be put into your wallet. If you want to convert your crypto wallet back into rupees, then follow the instructions regarding withdrawals from your e-wallet server.

Bitcoin bonuses

Having joined what is the best bitcoin casino in India for you, you may want to take advantage of the welcome bonuses that are exclusively offered to newly registered players.

All of the bitcoin casinos available will provide their members with different forms of reward, some giving extra crypto cash to play with, others may add free spins into their offers. Each bitcoin casino will have their own unique take on promotions, but bonuses are always subject to change. The best online casinos are not measured by how big the promos go, so look at the quality of the terms and conditions to know with of the Bitcoin casinos in India are offering the perfect profitable bonus service.

The bonus terms and conditions are important to know. They tell players what games can and cannot be used with the free offer. They inform you about what BTC deposits are needed to trigger and activate the bonus. There is also the importance of knowing the casino’s wagering requirements that cover the rules on how the winnings won via the bonus money can be withdrawn. There is a lot to learn from the bonus terms and they are not all the same, so take note.