Course Examples at the S.S. Institute of Professional Education

Our course at the S.S. Institute of Professional Education offers both a class-based and online learning opportunity. One of the new courses we are enrolling out is our match course.

This is a new area of the S.S. Institute of Professional Education where students are able to learn the subject of mathematics online with access to help and assistance from the course tutor.

Last year we ran a course online as a trail and with great success for the volunteers taking, they were able to learn an online course in Business Studies through our bespoke study program.

The maths course, which is open to students from 2020, will give those unable to attend lectures more free time to learn maths through this new program. Additional work is also added to this program should they wish to go beyond the standard curriculum.

Examples of the online study:

  • If you place a 200-rupee bet on poker and you have a Royal Flush, how many rupees do you win back from the “online casino”?
  • Add the numbers of a roulette wheel together and you get what total?
  • It Timmy wagers 100 rupees on a bet that comes with odds of 5/2 during the ashes test between India and England. How many rupees will Timmy win back?

These are just some of the questions that will be facing our students at the S.S. Institute of Professional Education. Once you have completed the course, you will be fully competent in basic mathematics and online betting.

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The makers of Betting helped us to get in touch with software developers that helped to make the online maths course possible, so we feel contractually obligated to mention them and the work they have done for us.

Accessing the online maths course is simple. Students are required to log into the site using their student ID number and from that, a password can be made. All your answers and workings can be saved for you to keep and will also be sent to your lecture. Work can be redone and corrected.

We hope you enjoy and get all the benefits that come when a student at S.S. Institute of Professional Education.